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Do you Need to Improve Your English for Your Job? Here Are 5 Resources You Should be Watching

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

In part two of this series, I’m going to tell you my top 5 websites that every business English learner should be watching.

Regardless of your profession, I believe these websites will give you the best combination of language practice and diverse business content.

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Bloomberg TV

I know what you’re thinking. Bloomberg again? Yes, that’s right, Bloomberg again!

Bloomberg TV offers four channels (U.S. TV, Europe TV, Asia TV and Australia TV) and is available for free through the company’s website and mobile app. It offers both live and recorded programming covering all aspects of financial markets, politics, technology, business and society.

During the business day, Bloomberg TV broadcasts live coverage from the start of business in Asia until the close of business in the United States.

The coverage includes news reports and interviews with thought leaders from all areas of society. Recorded programming is also fantastic with special reports and series covering everything from technology to politics and emerging markets.

The best thing about Bloomberg TV is you can use it how, when and where you want. You can watch it like a television program or listen more passively throughout the day like a radio program.

Either way, you’ll get exposure to every imaginable English native and ESL accent while improving your vocabulary and business acumen at the same time!

No business English resource list would be complete without Ted Talks.

Most English language learners have probably heard of and/or watched Ted talks at some point in the past. In addition to the super quality and depth of the content, I especially like two features of Ted Talk videos:

  • You can adjust the speed of the videos - I know some people may be thinking of slowing down videos but I actually don’t recommend that. The real benefit of this feature is the ability to speed up the videos. I recommend this technique to every intermediate/advanced language learner if you’ve never tried it. When you return to content at normal speed it will seem like slow motion!

  • Beneath each video you have access to the transcript - one language-learning technique that I love is reading and listening to the same text simultaneously. By engaging two of the four categories of language at the same time, this technique can super charge the learning process.


This is a website that I used quite frequently in learning German and Spanish. It doesn’t have a lot of content but it covers all of the top global stories and many of the news stories have both a video and an article with the same text beneath them.

Even better, the articles are usually quite short so you can get through several quite quickly.

While I think Ted is better suited to intermediate/advanced students, Euronews is a great choice for learners of all levels who want to try the read and listen technique that I described above.

As with Ted Talks, you can also adjust the speed of the Euronews videos.

Check it out!


Yes this is the crowdsourcing website where entrepreneurs can raise money for their businesses. But it is also a great source of very interesting content for business English learners.

Entrepreneurs or anybody who has to pitch their ideas, this will be especially helpful for you!

When you arrive at the site, click on “Explore” in the top left corner.

Then choose a product category and dig in!

There are hundreds of business ideas, all with a product description and most also have a video describing their product.

If you happen to be an investor, feel free to send me your list of can’t miss products!


I don’t have much to say here. No list of the best video sites would be complete without Youtube.

From a language-learning standpoint, don’t forget that you can adjust the speed of Youtube videos. Many also have accurate subtitles which can assist in the early stages of improving your listening comprehension.

One thing I would also advise against is using the subtitles in your native language.

One of my core principles of language learning is to keep all material in the target language.

So there you have it, my top 5 websites that every business English learner should be watching. Regardless of your profession, if your job requires English you can benefit from these 5.

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